You just never know who you’re going to run into in the 4×4 area of Currituck. On a recent wedding day in the Carova area, accompanied by my wife, Pam, as we neared the Oceanfront home where the event was to take place, we spied the wedding party grazing on a nearby hill and stopped to take a few pictures. While I am adamant about following the rules concerning the viewing and laws concerning these free roaming descendants of Spanish Mustangs on the Outer Banks Outback, sometimes they are not (it is against the law to approach within 50 ft of the horses, and against the law to feed them).

As we were standing beside the truck shooting photos, they decided to break the 50 ft rule! Actually they decided to cross the road and before we could get to and in the truck…there they were! As you can see by the pictures…looks like they were ready for a game of volleyball…and of course, the “the mare of honor” had to check things out! It is not unusual to see these free spirited beauties roaming the beaches and dunes of the northern Outer Banks. I have even had them gallop past some of my beach weddings. And it always seems like a bit of magic when they show up in the background pictures. I once came out of a home in Carova after an Outer Banks Officiant wedding there to find one with her head entirely inside my truck sniffing around the dash board.

They are truly a pleasure to come across and are one of the most beautiful beach creatures we are blessed with, but once again, please observe the rules and stay at least 50 ft away, and don’t feed them. And for those that don’t have 4 wheel drive, there are several sightseeing horse tours available at very reasonable costs!