Sound Side WeddingSo many of my couples come to the Outer Banks with visions of weddings at sunset on the beach, which I admit is a wonderful thought and would be a beauty to behold, with the exception that the sun sets in the west, and the ocean is to the east! So when planning your Outer Banks wedding, talk to your photographer about the ideal time for the “perfect picture”. With the sun on its long, fiery spiral down to the west, depending on where you are at, shadows from dunes, buildings, people, etc. could be intrusive.

Another option is one of the more beautiful sound side venues or locations. Many people that visit here really don’t think about the natural beauty that abounds on the western side of the Outer Banks. Vast expanses of gentle waters and some of the most remarkable sunsets to be found in the world right here. The following is a video by Benny Baldwin of Baldwin Productions of an afternoon wedding on the sound side in Duck.

If you have any questions about sunset or sound side venues or locations, please email me at or visit my Facebook page The Outer Banks Officiant!